Tennessee Greenbelt Program

In 1976, the Tennessee General Assembly enacted the Agricultural, Forest and Open Space Land Act of 1976 (the "Act")-the law is commonly known as "greenbelt". The Act is codified in Tennessee Code Annotated §§ 67-5-1001 through 1050. The purpose of the Act is to help preserve agricultural, forest, and open space land. This is accomplished by valuing land based upon its present use, rather than at a highest and best use. When property is valued at its highest and best use, the threat of development can bring about land use conflicts, create high costs for public services, contribute to increased energy usage, and stimulate land speculation. (Information from Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury)
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If you have recently purchased property that is qualified for the Greenbelt Program, you will receive an application from our office. We verify acreage and mapping before sending applications, so please be patient with the process.