Can I find out who owns a piece of property in this office?
Yes. We can look up information on any property in Gibson County. For your convenience, property information can also be seen online at Tennessee Property Data.
How much are my property taxes?
Property tax amounts can be found in the Trustee’s office or online at Gibson County Trustee.
Is this where I pay my county property taxes?
No. County property taxes as well as City of Bradford, Gibson, and Yorkville property taxes are paid in the Trustee’s office or online at Gibson County Trustee. All other city property taxes are paid at the respective City Hall.
Why have my property taxes gone up?
The most common reason property taxes go up is because the tax rates were raised. The County Commission, City Boards, and School Boards set tax rates that our office has no control or input over. Furthermore, property taxes are based on the appraised value of your property. If your property has changed (renovations to the house, added an outbuilding/pool, etc.), the total appraisal amount goes up resulting in higher taxes.
Can I see a picture of my property lines?
We can show you an aerial view of your property and the property lines. You can also see a version of this map online at Tennessee Property Viewer. Please Note: If you have a boundary dispute, remember that our maps are not legal boundary lines, and only a surveyor or court of law can settle a dispute between neighbors.
Can I get something notarized in this office?
Yes. We have notaries in this office.
Is this where I get a copy of my deed?
No. Copies of deeds can be obtained from the Register of Deeds office.
What is the minimum acreage amount to qualify for the Greenbelt program?
A minimum of 15 acres is required for a property to be eligible for the Greenbelt program.
Can I have a name taken off of my property?
We cannot change the ownership of a property without a legally recorded document.
Why do I have to turn in a Tangible Personal Property schedule?
All businesses in Tennessee are required to report their business equipment.
Is this where I get a business license?
No. Business licenses can be obtained in the County Clerk’s office. If you get a business license in Gibson County, please contact our office so that we can have accurate data of your business’s information. If you close a business in Gibson County, please contact our office so that we can have an accurate closing date for the business.
I would like to appeal the value of my property. How can I do this?
To appeal your property’s value, you must come before the County Board of Equalization which meets the first week of June every year. You can call our office during the last two weeks of May to schedule an appointment to come before the board.
Can someone from this office survey my property?
No. We do not have a surveyor in this office.
Is this where I can get a building permit?
No. All County and City of Trenton building permits can be obtained at Trenton City Hall (Ricky Bailey). All other city building permits can be obtained at the respective City Hall.


Important Information

  • If any buildings or structures on your property have been torn down or damaged (fire damage, weather-related damage, etc.), please contact our office. We will send a field appraiser to your property to inspect the damage so that the value can be adjusted accordingly.
  • All Greenbelt applications must be notarized and accompanied by the current recording fee. Make checks payable to Register of Deeds in the amount of $12.00.
  • To qualify for the Greenbelt program you not only must have a minimum of 15 acres, but you must also be “engaged in the production or growing of crops, plants, animals, nursery, or floral products.”
  • Tangible Personal Property Schedules are due on March 1 of every year. If you are mailing your schedule into our office, a postmark date of March 1 or before is required for a schedule to be considered on-time. A schedule turned in after March 1 is considered late.